Traits Of A Good Music Producer

If you have been an undercover musician for a while now, you might be ready to spread your wings. In other words, you should emerge from your garage sessions and live performances around the city and focus on performing on a larger scale. Given that there are so many hopeful musicians all clamouring for attention though, you need to make it worth your while. The first order of business is to record a few high-quality tracks that will get you noticed. However, this is not enough. You need to focus on production too. In fact, this can elevate your standing to a whole other level. Looking for a proper music producer though involves some detective work. Like this.

Comfortable Environment

Any form of art, music included, is the creation of something very personal and this means that people need to be comfortable to express themselves. You should feel at home not only in the recording studio in Perth, but also when hanging around your producer. The whole purpose of a producer is to bring out the best in musicians. This is where you will be heading to, to record your tracks and put out your best work. Which is not going to happen if the environment is not nurturing or welcoming.


Another good and actually important trait of a music producer, is his/her versatility. Basically, they need to be knowledgeable about a variety of things and have solid creative input. It is their responsibility to paint you in the best possible light and bring out your talent from within. They are the ones who decide which songs should make it onto an album and tweak the final changes if any. They are also responsible for managing your recording sessions so as you can see, they need to be a chameleon so to speak.


Business Oriented

Of course a music producer should have a genuine love and attraction for music, and a need to promote talented individuals whole-heartedly. However, this is not enough though you might think it is. As much as a music producer needs to be artistically inclined, they also need to be business savvy. They will be looking after the budget, contracts and making negotiations as well as monitoring royalties and so on. If a producer wants to run a successful music production studio, then there needs to be a business drive too.

Know The Process Well

It is actually quite unbelievable to think about just how many people label themselves music producers, but really have no clue about it. Some are straight up scammers, luring unsuspecting amateur musicians to invest large sums of money, only to never be heard of again. Hence, the sign of a reliable music producer, is an understanding of the process. Of course anyone can be a smooth-talker, so you also should know some stuff to quiz them. Before you make a decision, ensure the producer knows what they are doing.