How To Make The Perfect Song For Her?

We have all tried to sing when we are alone thinking about that one special girl. You could sing in the shower or in your room alone. Poetry is something that comes from within the heart and this art is slowly becoming lost. Why sing a song already made when you can create a song yourself from your heart. Even you can’t sing very well, everyone can sing to their favorite songs somehow. Just like that you can sing your own song to her. It is not about how well you can sing but the words that make the song. Here are some idea and tips to get you started. You should start with material that you already have written. This is the best way to start. If you have already wrote pieces of poems, notes, long text messages, etc. The ones you have sent and the ones you haven’t sent. Select the best lines from these that reflect most of her and you. Based on that you can start writing your love song.

Get a list of what you love about her. Do you love her personality? Then speak about what aspects of her character you love. What are the things she does that make you smile? Do you love her eyes? Do not go much about x- rated lyrics for her that will kill the song. You main goal is make an emotional and touch her heart. Make her heart melt with the words you say. Once you get the things you love about her down its time get in to details. Borrow some inspiration from your favorite love songs. You are not an expert so it is fine. To get some help. Go on YouTube and listen to the lyrics to get some idea. You can also work on the rhythm of the song while you are at it. See if you know any friends who work at a music studio to help you out. If you are lucky he will let you use the music studio by Helisport Studio to get your song done. If it’s not free I pretty sure he will at least help you out with recording it at home. It’s just simple song after all. No need to complicate it all. Keep your song and music simple. Just keep the music simple as well. If you couldn’t find someone to handle the music then just some simple soft music on the background can help. If you can play an instrument will be brilliant.