Have A Unique Corporate Event

There are so many ideas that come to your mind when you are planning for your official event for the year. The corporate events are actually activities which help in team building and also give your employees a good chance to relax. There are many venues which you could choose to make your event a successful one.

You could probably choose a venue which could be suitable for all your employees. There are indoor and outdoor venues which have good facility to carry out the corporate functions. You could also consider clay target shooting at OZShooting as an option for having your corporate event. Surely, employees would love to learn something new and also enjoy themselves among the beautiful nature.

This type of clay shooting can also be included in a list of bucks day ideas. Whether a corporate event or a bucks or hen ideas, this clay shooting will fit in all events.There are several ideas which can turn your cooperate event into a whole new learning experience. Some of the ideas are listed below for your reference.


If you want to take your teams outdoor amongst those splashy waves, then canoeing is a beautiful option. Just hit those waves and show that you can work as a team. Pair up people who do not know each other and they could be partners in canoeing. These are available as rents in many local outing places easily.

Shooting for a day

This being an Olympian sport has gained popularity worldwide. The sport is being learned by many now. But to incorporate it within your event is really a great idea. There are qualified instructors who will teach you much about the sport in a day. There are good facilities where you can enjoy yourselves throughout the day.

Sing Together

Singing is not something that everybody can do. But we need to come out of our shell when we are working together. This activity enables your team members to stand up together and do work together. Here you can make a few groups and have one lead singer who would decide on the song. This way, you can find those hidden talent inside your work place. Also, you can show them the way to come out of the shell.

Volunteering for a good cause

You can choose one any good cause to work for in your society. It may be taking a few under privileged children for a day’s outing. Here all the employees will be given responsibility of each child. This way, they would grow the sense of responsibility and also learn to know one new human being which will help them develop professionally as well.

Above there are a few ideas which are mentioned for both indoor and outdoor activities. Choose the one you would love to do with your team and have an enjoyable corporate event.